Marriage Equality

prayerFor a number of years now, I have been involved with faith based struggles for marriage equality.  In 2013, the Supreme Court over turned most of DOMA and ruled Proposition 8 illegal.  I had the honor of officiating wedding ceremonies at city hall during San Francisco Pride this year.  Here is some of the text from an email I wrote that evening encouraging other clergy to offer wedding services for same sex couples in San Francisco.


The first ceremony I officiated was truly powerful.  The couple was a lesbian couple of many years.  They were there with their grandson and wanted to have a small quiet little ceremony (there were a lot of people getting married and lots of cheering and applause).  As they said their vows to each other, tears streamed down their faces.  Perhaps it was the unnoticed potency of their union in a sea of excitement that made the ceremony so powerful.  Perhaps it was their deep presence with one another.  There was an opening and as they said their vows and I felt the divine energies in the world so clearly there with us as they tearfully exchanged rings.

I am so grateful that I have had the opportunity to be a part of history.  Thanks to all of us for our many years of struggle that these marriages may be possible.


Congratulations to us all for moving towards a world of equality and justice.  We can’t stop here.  Please read a recent article I wrote for Tikkun on next steps after this exciting ruling.

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