Creating your Ceremony


We will meet in person several times to plan your marriage ceremony.  We will work together to develop a wedding that is reflective of your love and the meaning you find in building a life together.  You and your partner will both be invited to reflect on questions that will help you to shape this ceremony.  Together we may develop spiritual practices that you will do together and individually to prepare spiritually.  These practices will help ground you in your connection the deeper energies of the universe as you enter into this new phase of love.  I will be available for council and support during the wedding preparation and planning process.  As you know already, relationships take work.  I will work with you to lay the spiritual foundation for a marriage grounded in love, mutual respect and divine connection.  To make these services accessible to people of different economic backgrounds, my rates vary. Please contact me here for a free 20 min conversation about my services.

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